Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Businesses Attracting More International Clients through Website Translations!

Recently, a number of law practices in the many English-speaking countries have taken bold new initiatives to attract more international business to their firms. Initially it began with bilingual and multilingual training for practicing lawyers. But now, a large number of law firms and other professional services like accountants, consultants and tax specialists too are finding it rewarding to translate their websites into multiple languages and implement “localisation” practices.

The Connecticut Law Tribune recently carried an opinion piece mentioning how localising a company’s content increases the firm’s visibility and profit potential all while solidifying relationships with international clients. Bloomberg Business Week also ran a similar piece where Susan Peters, Director of a software company in Silicon Valley, stated how by translating the essential pages and components of a company’s website, companies were able to better inform and engage with foreign visitors. The creative commercial law agency Isaac Parker describes how, by simply translating your firm’s website into Chinese or Spanish (two of the fastest growing online languages), your online reach jumps from 27% to as much as 60% of all internet users.


Hayder Al-Ani, CEO of Convocco Ltd Birmingham (one of the UK’s leading interpretation and translation companies) mentions how localisation extends far beyond simple website translation to include considering alterations to marketing and communicating the firm’s products and services. An understanding of foreign visitors’ cultures, practices and preferences must also be accounted for. That’s why companies like his provides integrated localisation services to better help and support companies in reaching out to international customers to expand their client base and business performance.

About: Convocco offers a full range of language services including interpreting (face to face, telephone and via video-conference), translation, localisation, consulting, bespoke services as well as its cutting-edge WebInterpreter tool. With more than 6,000 highly skilled interpreters and translators across 250 different languages, Convocco is committed to mending any language barriers that clients may face and lives up to its credo of “We speak your language.”

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